Wildlife photos

Animals have always facinated me. I was allergic to furry animals all my life, and mostly still am, but I also had an infatuation with cats. Whenever there was a cat somewhat close to me, I started sneezing and my eyes watering and closing up. An aunt and uncle had two cats of a breed that did not affect me, at all, Odin and Ottar. I always wanted to visit them and I played with them for hours, or untill they were fed up with me. Every cat I saw I had to pet and cuddle with, taking the sneezing for granted - this is still the case, also with all other animals, except spiders, brrr, invention of the devil. In my early thirties I got Elby, my cat baby. After two weeks of sneezing and taking anti-histamine pills I was mostly over my allergy. I also spent way too many hours just looking at her inspecting her new home, completely hypnotized by what she did. She is now a little over 15 years old and still looks and acts like the kitten she was. Needless to say, I like animals. Below some shots of wild life, and in some cases not so wild.

This creature is a Hooded Vulture. During a trip to Gambia and Senegal, I came upon these gorgeous and somewhat sinister creatures. Afther their morning snack, they took a bath and dried their feathers in the sun.

These pesky monkey's were all over the hotel, raoming and stealing. Leaving the door to the garden open was not really an option, as they came in and stole everything that had bright colors or looked like nuts. We lost a banana, two oranges, a bag of mandarines and two pots of nuts.

This gorgeous cat I shot in the Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam, the snow adds a little extra dimension.