Astro photography

This photo was taken in April of 2018 on the El Teide vulcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands on the coast of Morocco. I didn't have high hopes as the moon was going to be out, but got very lucky. The moon was just dissapearing behind the peak of the vulcano, aptly names Pico del Teide, and it just lit up the mountain range in the background. I used my flashlight to light up the foreground and this was the result. There was quite a lot of light polution from the tourist area in the south of the island. In the top right corner you can see Jupiter and Mars and Uranus to the lower left of the core of our Milky Way.

During a trip to Portugal I found this gorgeous spot colse to Lagos on the Algarve coast. Nice and dark, well, apart from the lighthouse that shines on the rocks. It almost looks like the centre of the Milky Way core shines on the rocks.

The below shot was taken in the centre of Portugal, at the megalithic enclosure of Almendres, close to Evora in 2017. In the lfet lower corner you can see the lights of Evora reflecting of the clouds.